Robotic Pool Cleaners for Residential Pools

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Best Water Technology

A Leader in Water Treatment & Purification Solutions

Best Water Technology (BWT) is an international group dedicated to water purification. BWT’s robotic residential pool cleaners are easy to use and feature low-drag, hydrodynamic designs to reduce energy consumption and costs. More than powerful pool cleaners, BWT’s robotic cleaners offer personality in design to bring joy to pool cleaning.


Cosmy The Bot 150 & 250

Light, Powerful, & Customizable

Packed with power and personality into less than 13lbs — that’s Cosmy the Bot. This robotic pool cleaner features double-layer filtration and PVC brushes with smart navigation to clean the floor, walls, and waterline.

  • Dual drive, gyroscope system - cleans pools up to 36ft (150) / 40ft (250)
  • Compatible with all pool shapes and waterproofing surfaces
  • Control Cosmy 250 with your smartphone through the BWT Best Water Home App
  • Cosmy the Bot 250 comes with a premium storage caddy
  • Additional Color Kits: change Cosmy’s look between 8 different colors

RC50 & RC60

Finest Filtration Performance

RC50 and RC60 offer the most powerful suction available in robotic residential pool cleaners to clean the floor, sides, and waterline. The hydrodynamic design creates less drag than other cleaners, resulting in less power needed and lower energy costs.

  • Cleans pools up to 45ft (RC 50) / 42 ft (RC60)
  • Compatible with all pool shapes and waterproofing surfaces
  • AquaSmart navigation system with LED lights
  • Easy to clean 4D hyperfine microfiber filter with transparent lid
  • Control RC60 with your smartphone through the BWT RC App
  • 1.5, 2, and 2.5hr (RC60 only) cleaning cycles
RC60 transparent
D600 transparent

Ligne D500 & D600

The Robotic Cleaner That Puts on a Show

Ligne D500 and D600 robotic pool cleaners offer more than powerful pool cleaning. Pink LEDs on the top of the robot pulse for a delightful light show while cleaning the pool's floor, walls, and waterline. Fun for kids and guests!

  • 4 PVA scrubbing brushes compatible with all pool finishes
  • Hydrodynamic design causes less drag, lowering energy costs
  • Cleans up to 40ft pools in any shape and finish
  • Anti-tangle swivel power cord
  • Control Ligne D600 with our BWT mobile app

Dealer Program

Benefits of the Retail Program & Dealer Program may include:

  • Free display stands
  • Discounted demo cleaners
  • Discounted parts kits
  • Free repair kit
  • Free cleaner of choice 
  • Free shipping for warranty part replacements
  • Factory authorization to repair all models of cleaners purchased
  • Access to the Repair Portal for making warranty reimbursement claims
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BWT Ligne D500


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